Teaching Testimonials

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"John Pozer [was] one of the most beloved instructors at VFS. He taught us the most precious lesson of filmmaking: to respect the efforts of the actors, actresses and every other crew member; to get the job done as smooth and delicate as possible; to set aside our arrogance and selfishness, and to replace that with compassion, respectfulness and understanding."

Amir Houshang Hashemi Tonkaboni

Educational Consultant, Movie Critic & Journalist

"John’s positive energy, challenging assignments, and constructive critiques were engaging and contributed to my appreciation of the program considerably. It was a privilege to have been mentored by someone of his experience and talent. I wholeheartedly endorse his approach to education and professional development."

David Spaven

Production Manager / Production Coordinator / Set Decorator

"You always have fun in John's class, but you're always there to learn. He gives tough, honest, and helpful critique of our work. John truly cares for his students."

Jacob Hiltz

Production Coordinator at Ocean Media

"Never afraid to give an honest critique, John was always (and still is) willing to spend the time to give objective, constructive analysis of my work. Writing, directing, producing and post - John knows the film industry inside out. But most importantly he knows how to teach. A++"

Leigh O'Neill

Editor / Composer

 "I know John Pozer will always be there for me when I need someone to talk to and have sound advice. I have never had an instructor that was so dedicated and so involved."

Daniel Baker

Production Coordinator at Atomic Cartoons

"John was a great instructor, and helped pioneer a fantastic film immersion program for Vancouver Film School. His lectures were great aids to where we were in our production process, and his personal feedback to our scripts or cuts were fantastic morsels to spur creativity when we felt burned out of ideas. His dedication to students was always evident, and his love for film transcended to us all."

Jake Warren

President | Finestrino Film Co.

John's understanding and passion for film and the craft of directing brought me to a new level of insight.

Nathanael Draper




I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts in film production. My supervising instructor was the original founder of the program, Dr. A. J. Reynertson (Work of the Film Director, Hastings House, 1977.) She encouraged me, challenged me, and shaped my philosophy of film school: the teacher is the education.



I completed my Masters of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. My thesis advisor was Andre Herman, a graduate of the Polish Film School and the French School of Cinematography (IDHEC) in Paris. Many of Canada's finest filmmakers studied with Andre. He was a true mentor.