"Honestly and thoughtfully geared towards helping students ensure that a $50K-200K investment delivers the maximum possible return.

Every film student should be hanging onto this book from the day they first consider film school to the day they graduate.

— Sebastien de Castell

Former Director of Program Development, Vancouver Film School

"Although my peers and I were very productive while at USC, there was still so much wasted time that could have been used more wisely: to create, to learn, to network, to grow.

This book goes beyond preparatory advice you might receive before enrolling, it helps students make the most out of their limited time at a film school. It is a recommended read for anyone that is serious about exploring filmmaking through an academic institution.”    

— Kevin K. Shah

Writer/Director/Producer Feature Films, Games & Virtual Reality: The Sabi Company

"John Pozer taught me much of what I know about film, and reading PRIMER is like taking his class all over again.

It's simple, insightful, and to-the-point. It offers good advice without being needlessly prescriptive. Best of all, it gives you the chance to reflect before you take the plunge.

Nobody can tell you if film school is right for you, but Pozer's insight can guide you to the right place to make that call.

— Tony Zhou

Co-Writer/Director/Editor: Every Frame a Painting

"Primer" should be mandatory reading for anyone planning to embark on the challenging journey of film education. John Pozer's book arms its readers with a large arsenal of useful tools that will help prospective students not only navigate their way through film school but will also set them up for long term success in the highly competitive field of filmmaking.”

— Hans Christian Berger

Writer/Director/Producer: After Eden

"Pozer’s book, PRIMER, is critical reading for anyone considering attending a film school. As a film teacher in a public high school, I have seen too many students commit to a very expensive education without fully preparing to make the most of it.

PRIMER breaks down every possible aspect of attending film school and provides valuable insights into how to squeeze the most out of an intensive and competitive educational process.

This book is the best money any future film student (or parent of a film student!) could possibly spend. There are numerous suggestions and exercises specifically designed to ensure the student understands what they can do to be ready to go on Day 1 of their film school career.

I can only beg parents and future film students to get this book as early as possible — grade 10 even — and dig in right away — it will make a huge difference. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

Robert French

Film Teacher, Brookswood Secondary School

Producer: The Hamster Cage, See Grace Fly; Screenwriter: Noroc

"This is the book every aspiring film student should read, a true eye opener about what to expect when going to film school and the nature of the industry they're hoping to become a part of. Also a great read for recent graduates or filmmakers in their path to professional success, this book will help you re-evaluate what you've learned and motivate you to create"

— Olga Maldonado, Voice Actor.

"If you are a prospective Film Student, or the parent of one, you both want to read this book. I wish I had."

— Oscar Pietri, Executive Editor, Vancouver Film School Alumni 2012/FP142

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